The objective of the Master's course in Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT) is to train a new generation of specialists and researchers in the field of micro and nano technologies, highly qualified and capable of autonomous research, development and innovation work in a university environment. or business, in order to contribute to the creation of new knowledge that enhances the interaction between the University and the business fabric and contributes to the competitiveness and sustainability of the Portuguese and European industrial sector in the domain of micro and nano technologies. This objective stems from the current growing development needs of this industrial sector, in the fields of innovative materials and micro and nano technologies, and constitutes, in itself, an offer that coincides with the future needs of the sector in terms of specialized and highly qualified professionals.

It considers the following guiding principles as its main objectives:

  1. Complement the training of graduates in courses in the areas of Engineering Sciences and Sciences or related, providing specialized and advanced training in areas related to the application of micro and nano technologies, namely in medicine, biology, telecommunications, the automobile industry, in the sports, electronics, textiles, aeronautics, among others
  2. Provide advanced training in the ability to develop manufacturing, processing and characterization techniques and new materials for micro/nano systems.
  3. Provide the development of sensor and electronic technologies compatible with materials and methods of processing micro and nano structures and their integration.
  4. Provide technology transfer on issues related to the development of new micro/nano integrated products, taking into account application specifications.
  5. Provide students with strong training in research methodology, apprehending the resulting advantages, from a perspective of innovation and development. In this process, the sense of rigor, curiosity and experimentation, individual initiative, planning and work organization are developed.
  6. Generate knowledge and technologies, through the exercise and provision of research, development, innovation, demonstration and specialized training activities, in collaboration with companies, bodies and university and non-university institutions, around the domains of innovative materials and micro and nano technologies , promoting its entry/consolidation in new business areas.

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