At the heart of technologies lies a world behind ours, invisible yet fascinating, the micro and nano scale world. Micro and nano technologies are today one of the main focuses of research, development and innovation activities in all industrialized countries. Investments in the area have been growing, and there are already some micro and nano technological industrial products and their number is expected to increase rapidly. This market is thus in full expansion with a range of products where the introduction of miniaturization, low consumption, high performance at low cost are fundamental factors. The applications of micro and nano technologies comprise a wide spectrum, involving a high degree of interdisciplinarity and scientific areas, such as applications in biochemistry, biomedical, mechanics, optics, fluids, thermodynamics, aerospace and telecommunications. Wireless communications (mobile phones) provided a significant increase in microchips with Radio Frequency communication.

In Braga and very close to UM is located the Iberian Nanotechnology Institute/Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory - INL, sponsored by the Portuguese and Spanish governments and the European Commission. This Laboratory has a dynamic role in the development of Nanotechnologies in Europe and especially in Minho, as well as technologically advanced resources.

The Master in Micro and Nano Technologies is a project of the initiative of the Departments of Industrial Electronics (DEI), Polymer Engineering (DEP), Textile Engineering (DET), Mechanical Engineering (DEM), and Biological Engineering (DEB), of the School of Engineering at the University of Minho.